Basic Cutting Flute Designators

NOTE: When ordering tool, be sure and list basic cutting flute designators first and over cut designators become the second letter.

Milling Cut (RM)

This style of fluting facilitates easy chip flow and effective stock removal with minimal loading. This cut achieves smooth, polished surfaces on softer metals, and is designed for reinforced plastics and nonferrous metals. Not recommended for use with flex shank burs.

Standard Cut

A general purpose cut, maintains aggressive stock removal, but allows for some blending and finish work.

Foundry Cut (O)

Designed for general hogging usage on ferrous metals.

Coarse Cut (C)

Rapid and aggressive stock removal from most metals. Used when finish is not important. Softer metals.

Stainless Cut (T)

Special fluting for stainless steel and other exotic metals.

Fine Cut (F)

Minimal stock removal. Used to achieve a blended and smooth finish.

Over Cutting Fluting Designators

Use as a second designator as required. Not for use with the Milling Cut.

Double Cut (DC)

Cross flute which breaks up slivers into chips. Offers fine control when finish is not overly important.

Diamond Cut (DM)

Matched cross fluting breaks up material into powder. Provides good control when a polished finish is not necessary.

Chipbreaker Cut (CB)

Shallow and twisting cross flutes provide exceptional control and breaks material into chips.

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